Talking to someone who knows

talking to someone who knows

…or at least in their mind ¬†ūüôā

Last week I had an interesting conversation that just hurt me to the core.  My typical day to day routine consists of talking with youth pastors all over the country.  I have heard all kinds of philosophies and stories of how student ministry happens in churches.  This conversation started out very typical and positive.  The students were active in serving the poor in their area and doing mission trips both domestic and abroad.  Awesome stuff!

Then I asked him how they were reaching the lost students in their community and the answer shook me up. ¬†“We leave that to other churches in the area. ¬†There are so many churches and most kids can find a place to go. ¬†In our suburban area, the students have an attitude of entitlement so we don’t purposefully look for ways to reach them.” ¬†Seriously. ¬†These were the words I heard. ¬†Ouch.

I guess the Great Commission really says, “Just go into the destitute areas and tell those people about me. ¬†Leave the privileged and ‘entitled’ to their own devices.” ¬†I really believe Jesus cringed as He was listening to this conversation. ¬†Many of us in student ministry are trying to figure out what’s wrong or what needs to change in student ministry. ¬†I can say its attitudes like this that need to change. ¬†For us and our students, the mission field is not only at the soup kitchen or a third world country…it is the person right next to us who looks like they have it all together.

As adults, we have to lead the charge. ¬†We cannot have the attitude of “I’ll let someone else take care of that” when it comes to meeting a need that someone has.

Tell me about a crazy conversation you’ve had that you never expected….

Being Mad

For most of my life, I’ve been fascinated with the story of Alice in Wonderland. (Probably somewhat due to the fact that *I* was the “better Alice” in my elementary school play). ¬†My favorite younger Alice line was, “But I’m not a flower”. ¬†This poor girl was trying to find her way home and she gets lost in a garden where the flowers are trying to make her one of them, but she knows that she is a little girl. ¬†She didn’t fit into that world…she belonged elsewhere.

As an adult, I see this story as this girl’s struggle to not conform to the world around her. ¬†She sees the world for what it could be. ¬†She has an adventurous spirit and pushes the envelope. ¬†To the people around her, she was considered “mad”, but her father encouraged her spirit and told her “all the best people are”.

I have the heart of an adventurer. ¬†When I was 21, I moved across the country just to see what else was out there. ¬†At 26, I moved to Nashville with nothing but a hope to jump head first into what God had for my life. ¬†These moves were madness to many of the people around me. ¬†Some still think “I’ll come to my senses” and stop chasing after the dream. ¬†Shoot, sometimes even I think the day will come where I’ll trade in the crazy life for a cozy life, but the reality is…THAT would be a crazy decision. ¬†As I learned from younger Alice, I am not a flower in the middle of a garden. ¬†I am a girl that stands apart from the rest. ¬†I pray that I never “come to my senses” to live a life outside of what is God’s best for me.

So what are some crazy dreams that you have gone after?