Whining is overrated.


I will admit, I’ve been pretty silent lately. I try to stick to the ol’ saying of, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” The past few months have been full of stress, the unknown, fearing the worst, and second chances. Needless to say, the “ick” has been my focus more than I like to admit.

About a week ago, I took the plunge and got back into BSF. (BSF is an international bible study that takes a year and dives into just one book of the bible.) This year the study is about Matthew, and I figured maybe a year of studying Jesus’ life will get some of this focus off of myself. The past couple days, I’ve heard the phrase “attitude adjustment” in a few different ways and various people who weren’t even talking about me, but just general things. Those words have hit me square between the eyes.

It seems so much easier to complain, pout, whine about situations than to actually trust that you are going through something for a reason. I say “seems” because I’m learning that, in fact, it’s not easier. It’s a LOT harder. Stress takes its toll on a person. I spent a week in the most awful physical pain because I had been so stressed. It’s just not worth it!

Reading about Jesus’ birth and his first few years, and both Mary and Joseph’s reactions to this insane situation has made me take inventory. They both just obeyed God’s leading. They didn’t whine or ask “why is this happening to us?” (maybe they did later) Their first reaction was just to obey.

That is the kind of life I want to lead.

I want to be the person who sees the good that could be, instead of first seeing all the problems ahead.

I want to trust that God has MY best in store for me, instead of complaining that He has me in yet another desert place.

I want to know deeply and firmly that God does not fail, instead of focusing on my failures.

I want to focus on the fact that today is new and has all the potential to be better than yesterday.

Whining is overrated.