Letting go of fear

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It’s a word that we all know too well. I would say that each one of us has at least one thing that they fear….fear of heights, fear of water, fear of public speaking, fear of spiders…you get the picture. Fears are annoying and they can rear their ugly heads at the worst times.

What happens when our fears keep us from the life that we are meant to live? I had one summer in life where I was determined to conquer many of my fears. I rode my first roller coaster (kicking and screaming), I swam in a white water rapid, I went on the big water slides…I did my best to be fearless and it was an amazing summer. I realized that I would have missed out on making some amazing memories had I taken my normal route and said “no” to those adventures.

My pastor, Pete Wilson, has written a book called “Let Hope In” which releases TODAY! In it he talks about the very things that can steal our hope in life and how to regain in. One of those things that can steal our hope is fear. Fear can paralyze us from being the person we are supposed to be.

Fear of rejection.

Fear of failure.

Fear of loss.

I love this line from the book, “Sometimes you have to leave what is nailed down, obvious, and secure, and walk into the unknown without any specifics.”¬†That is good stuff!!! (But scary beyond belief!) If you are tired of living life in a box that you or others have created for you, you NEED¬†to grab this book. It has rocked my world into looking beyond my fears and to once again hold on to the hope that has been deep inside me all along. To embrace hope again and dream of a life that is better than I can imagine.
You can order “Let Hope In” at Amazon.