You Matter



Do you struggle with feeling invisible? Getting picked last for the team, your invitation for the big event gets “lost in the mail,” or your social media sites can go days, weekseven months without any interaction. Do you find it hard to “have a voice”? To let people know how you feel and what you think?

One of my earliest memories was my fourth birthday. I recall walking into the kitchen after playing outside with my friends and seeing my mom and next-door neighbor making my birthday cake. To my horror, I noticed that PEEPS were being placed all over the cake. (I hate PEEPS) My first instinct was to say something, and hope that this oversight could be made rightsurely my mom knew I wouldn’t eat those and would agree that we can take those off of my cake. I was wrong. As soon as I voiced my opinion, I was told to keep quiet and eat the cake because something nice was being done for me.

For so long I would look back on that moment and think that I was a selfish little girl. I should have been grateful that someone would have worked hard to make something special for me. Now, I look back and realize that it also helped shape me into a people pleaser and someone who has a difficult time speaking her mind for fear of hurting others. I believed that I was making others happy by not speaking my mind. I believed that making others happy was more important than my wants being validated. Therefore, at my worst, it is easy for me to shrink into the background, and be invisible in any situationto simply let life happen around me instead of having the bravery to call my own shots.

This goes against the life that God has called us to. Each one of us is called to live a life with purpose; to know that your story (no matter what your story is) needs to be told. You (and I) have significance and need to share that with the world (and/or the person next to you). Personally, I’ve seen time and time again that when I am vocal about my opinions and participate in the conversation, I have been instrumental in seeing positive change happen around me. Dreams come to fruition. Life becomes greater than I could have possibly imagined. These things serve as reminders that I (and YOU) matter. Don’t shrink back from what you believe, feel, want. Have the bravery to step into the person you are meant to be!