Growing Where I’m Planted

For so long, I have been fighting a discontent about my life.  Thoughts of “Well, once I have this then I can do this.” or “Once I meet that ‘someone’ I can start to really live.” have robbed me of time that I will never get back, so it was time to let go of those thoughts.  I needed to redirect my heart and mind and wanted this blog to be a place to walk through that.

I have determined to “grow where I’m planted.”  I am fully confident that God has placed me here in Nashville, single, childless, without a lot of possessions for His purpose.  My life looks like this partly due to my own choices, but also due to the fact that God wants to grow something in me that wouldn’t grow in any other circumstance.  Although this season of life looks drastically different than I could have ever imagined, I am also more blown away by the person that I see in the mirror than disappointed in missing out on the person that I wanted to be.  I still have moments of “ick” when I think about dreams deferred, but I am determined to enjoy this time in my life to the fullest.  I will thrive in this place that I am as rough and rocky as it may be at times.

Has your life turned out differently than you imagined?  What was your response in that change?


Disconnected….that word summed up my life far longer than I’d like to admit.  The consequences of that have been dramatic.  It hit me about a year and a half ago how truly disconnected I was from life.  Relationships that I once held so dear; myself, family, God, career… were distanced.  I had become an island and was relating to everything on a very surface level. Through a conversation with a close friend, I finally realized that I needed to reconnect with the life that I once loved.  Since then I have slowly been rebuilding myself but this year I want to make more of an effort to be CONNECTED.

Connected…my one word for 2012.

I want to look back on 2012 knowing that my relationship with God is closer than its ever been, that my current friendships are deeper, that I’ve made new friendships because I’ve put myself out there, that career-wise I am more than just a “networker” but that I’m truly building relationships, that I’m making time connecting with myself through healthy choices and working out.

I am looking forward to seeing the connections that will come out of this year.

Welcome to 2012

Its already four days into the new year and I haven’t slowed down enough yet to really process what I want this year to look like and what I would like to say about it in another 362 days.  🙂

I walked away from 2011 with a huge sense of gratitude.  I would have never imagined going through all the good and bad that I went through this year.  Almost losing a parent and now seeing him live life to the fullest is a blessing that overwhelms me.  Watching God’s people step up and be the church to my family has renewed my faith that there are amazing people in this world.  I am also so grateful for the friendships that have strengthened and deepened this year.  Newer friendships that are such treasures to me and old friendships that have had new life breathed into them.  I am also so thankful that God has given me a renewed spirit and purpose this year.   

I am excited to see these things continue to grow this year.  I am excited to see dreams come true this year.  Anticipating a full year ahead.

What are you looking forward to this year?