I was spending some time in the garden the other day.  All around I could see dead branches. Lifeless. Not producing anything. In fact, they were so numerous that you would think it was time to pull the plants up because nothing was growing. After closer inspection, I saw several blooms and fruit that desperately wanted to break through and be seen. I decided it was time to start pruning these dead leaves and branches.  So I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. One by one, these dead branches were separated from the plant. After awhile the plant was noticeably greener and looked healthier.

As I was doing this, I could hear God speaking to me that I was like this plant and I was in need of pruning.  For too long I’ve allowed negative voices and thoughts stunt the growth that is suppose to happen in my life.  Its become pretty apparent that the dead branches are easier to see than the pretty flowers.  God is in the pruning business; the hurts, pain and confusion are all a part of the process.  I  know that the beauty is still there, wanting to flourish and it can only do so once the dead parts are gone.

I don’t know what life looks like when the pruning is done.  But I know that new growth can’t happen without cutting off the dead parts.



How have you gotten through a pruning process in your life?