The Becoming

…the becoming is even better than the being. It’s where the change happens, It’s where the bravery happens.

It’s where the magic happens. — Mandy Hale “Beautiful Uncertainty”


Earlier this year, I choose the word “emerge” as my word of the year. I had no clue what that looked like but I had this desire to no longer be a shell of my former self. The previous year had been full of pain, sadness, numbness, and just going through the motions. I was over it. I needed to move on. I needed to find joy and purpose again. I needed to do whatever it took to get there. Fast forward five months and again life looks nothing like I had ever imagined.

Thankfully, new opportunities, new friends, and involvement in youth ministry have reignited a sense of purpose in my life and joy. I am learning again what I am good at, what I enjoy, what brings me life, and what is dispensable.

If I’m being totally honest, emerging does not come without its own set of growing pains. The past few months have also been filled with stress, questioning, and lots of “what am I doing” moments. During this, the book “Beautiful Uncertainty” came out and spoke into so much of what I was going through. The author, Mandy Hale, is popularly known as “The Single Woman” and writes a lot about singleness, but this book had so many layers beyond that. It is a book for anyone to read that is going through a time of transformation. I was so glad it came along at a time so needed for me. You can grab this book at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.