Change of Perspective


I have to admit, lately I have been really discouraged by the church. My social media feeds have been bombarded with stories of how Christians are doing things wrong, and fighting to get “your voice” to be the “right” one. It has been exhausting.

Several weeks ago, I grabbed “Misfits Welcome.” I had no expectations for this book. I respect Matthew Barnett and what he has done with The Dream Center. Little did I realize how with each turn of the page, my heart expanded a bit more. Again, I became hopeful about what the church can do when the focus is on meeting the needs we see around us. When we care more about meeting someone exactly where they are at instead of trying to fix them to be what we want them to be.

Reading stories about “misfits” was a shot of new life for me. Stories of girls being taken Christmas shopping for the first time, a couple getting a hot dog cart to feed the homeless on the beach, or taking a group of kids to the movies struck a cord with me. We need to be on the lookout to see how we can each be difference makers. It doesn’t even have to be a huge thing. There are small, everyday things in my toolbox that I can use that would mean the world to another person. You never know where the small acts of obedience can lead you. What doors can open up as you say “yes.”

There are times I get discouraged being surrounded by people that have huge dreams and are doing crazy big things. I can get caught up in the comparison game. I’m learning though that any time I look beyond myself to meet the needs of someone else, I too am a world changer and am making a difference. We all just need to be obedient to use the resources, and talents that we have.

Just by having an outward focus, this world can be changed and as Christians we can have a Church that is doing it right!


You can grab your copy of Misfits Welcome here.


About Marjorie

Marjorie is a NW girl who now calls the Nashville, TN area home. She is VP of Events for Fuselage and wears many hats in that position, but the most important is working with Student Pastors to provide ways to reach students. Marjorie is also passionate about seeing people living out their dreams and using their gifts to make a difference around them.

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