Power of Story

We have the power to use our own stories and lives to build bridges across the divisive gaps in our culture. —Nish Weiseth (Speak)

I am a great listener. I love to hear about people, listen to their stories, and get to know what makes them tick. I struggle being on the other end of the conversation. I don’t give up my story easily. There are parts of my stories that only the people who were a part of that time know about. I just chalk it up to being an introvert and not feeling like everything has to be relevant to who I am. If I am really honest, there are just things that I don’t want to be a part of my present and so I leave them buried in the past. I don’t want to use parts of my story to build “my platform” or be things that I am known for. There is my confession for the day.

I have observed the power of story… both good and bad. I have seen stories tear people apart and divide our culture. This is the danger of using your story to “out” someone else or ruin their reputation. There are times when it’s okay to let people know you were done wrong without saying who or what the offender was. Sometimes it is obvious who the offender was or it is so deeply a part of your story that there is no way around that, but I believe we need to tread so carefully when telling these stories because our culture latches onto the scandalous¬†and loves to see it spread like wildfire.

I recently read “Speak” by Nish Weiseth and she does a beautiful job of showing the power of positive storytelling. I do love the fact that we are each given unique stories, and talents to make a change in the world around us…. whether that is across the street or around the world. I was encouraged to read that if we can just take the time to listen to someone’s story, we can break down the things the walls that separate us and focus on common ground. I want to be a person who sees the good of story. I want to see the encouragement that can come from stories being told. I want to see how story can make a positive impact on lives .

About Marjorie

Marjorie is a NW girl who now calls the Nashville, TN area home. She is VP of Events for Fuselage and wears many hats in that position, but the most important is working with Student Pastors to provide ways to reach students. Marjorie is also passionate about seeing people living out their dreams and using their gifts to make a difference around them.

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