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“Even after encountering Jesus and being transformed from life to death, many believers allow their pain and sorrow to control them. They let their setbacks and mistakes define them. They put their faith in the same people who let them down before. In other words, they keep on building the same old sandcastles.”

Sandcastles. Building them was never one of the things I liked doing at the beach. When I did it went like this: Put all the sand in a bucket. Pack it down as much as I could. Repeat this process until there is no more room left in the bucket, then turn the bucket upside down and admire my sand mound. Yeah, I’m not so artistic.

The thing with sand is that once the waves come crashing in or a rain storm comes, the creation we work so hard on goes right back to its original form. If you want a structure that lasts, it has to be made out of something durable. Something that will stand up against the elements.

As Christians, we are taught a story that Jesus told about 2 houses…one that was built on sand and one that was built on rock. When the storm came, the house on the rock was still standing…the house on the sand was rubble. The moral of the story was that we should build our lives on what lasts…a relationship with Jesus.

In the book “Sandcastle Kings,” Rich Wilkerson Jr takes us on a journey of what it looks like to build your life on Jesus. He seamlessly weaves the bible with personal experiences and makes these tough truths about the Christian life more accessible. It was relatable. You find yourself nodding with him all over this book. You see Jesus not necessarily in a new light but in a clearer light. You see clearly how Jesus is love but also black and white on sin. It’s not an either/or…it’s and.

Sandcastle Kings is a great book for those still seeking their faith, those new to a relationship with Jesus, and those who just need a fresh perspective.

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